Otis Blue aka Blue, STAR # 1730


Otis Blue aka Blue, STAR # 1730

Blue has found his forever  home with the Addams family.. They have been waiting quite a while for just the right dog.. With a little obedience training, Blue will be such a good boy.. He just  needs to know what you want.. Thanks to the transport team of Melissa, Nicky and Lynn and Don.. And thanks to his foster mom, Patti for letting him go.. His new name may be Scoobie Blue 🙂







From his foster mom…

“Blue is the best boy..

He seems to understand English.. not really commands but conversation..

He has a perfect recall from a great distance..

He crates easily with a treat and is quiet.

He has perfect housemanners.

He walks well on a leash.. although not tested with severe distractions..

He loves to fetch..

Initially he suffered from “only child syndrome”…

that means he is just now learning how to share attention..and to not

always be “me first”..

He wants to please very badly.. but will need someone to let him know

what is allowed..and not let him get away with stuff because he is so sweet..

He can be stubborn.. When asked to sit, he may respond or may wander

around for 15 seconds because he doesn’t want to right now..

Blue will be a great only dog.. totally worshipping his person..

He could live with another dog that won’t let him get away with bad

dog manners.. Maybe a bossy female..

One more thing, if you are looking for a “dog alarm”, he’s your boy..

Nothing will sneak up on you..

Above all, he is a sweetheart… and he knows it :)”

Blue is approx. 48 lbs. and is three years old..  and is ready for his

next adventure.. He is neutered, fully vaccinated and chipped.. If you are

interested in meeting Blue, please go to

the website, read about Adoption and submit an application.. His

foster home is in Houston..









Blue merle male, three years old and 48 lbs. He will be vetted and fostered in N. W. Houston. He could be available around the middle of April..

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