Fostering an Aussie is one of the most rewarding experiences!

As a foster home, one is able to see the transformation of a dog that has experienced an unstable, often neglectful background into a beautiful, well cared for Australian Shepherd. As a foster home, YOU are the vehicle for making this transformation happen! Most usually, our dogs come in needing medical work, grooming and lots and lots of training. While fostering takes time, energy, love and patience, a bond is created that helps in transforming an Aussie into a dog that is ready for his or her new home.

At STAR, we are fortunate to be able to provide the funds for the medical work and basic costs involved in fostering a dog. We do not ask our foster homes to provide those expenses in the fostering process. We do ask that when you take a dog to foster, that you, as a foster home, plan on keeping that dog in your care until he/she is ready for their new home. This is a minimum of two to three weeks to sometimes, several months depending upon what the dog is needing in terms of medical care and training. We are fortunate to have several dedicated foster homes that will do whatever it takes to make that dog ready to be adopted! If you are this person or family, please complete a foster home application to be considered as part of the STAR family!

Fostering an Aussie

Are you that person?

Foster homes are the foundation of STAR or any rescue organization!