STAR Volunteers

Our volunteers are what make this rescue group function.

Without our foster homes and support volunteers, we would be able to offer little in helping the Aussies in need.

Our foster homes are the cornerstone of this organization as with any rescue group. They house, love, heal and train the Aussies that come into STAR and assist with the permanent placement of the Aussies in their care.

Our foster homes help with getting dogs to and from the veterinarian, welcome possible adopters into their homes and provide us with unlimited information of the progress and personality of the STAR Aussie in their care. Our foster homes hold the key to the successful placement of each of our STAR dogs. We can never thank them enough for their love and care!

Our support volunteers are usually those who cannot foster but want to help. They help with transportation to and from the veterinarian, between foster homes and sometimes from city to city. We cannot have enough of this help! Otherwise, the responsibility is added to our foster homes and administrative staff to get these dogs where they need to be.

Additionally, we are always in need of people with computer skills and time. Those that are skilled in Microsoft Word, Excel, and have a scanner are always needed.

We also need people who are familiar with grooming double coated dogs as our Aussies. When these dogs come in from the shelter, often times they are in need of serious grooming. Additionally, when a dog meets their forever family, it is always nice to have them looking their best!

If none of these areas are ways you feel you can help, we also need photographers and individuals who can complete an on-site home visit before our future adopters meet their new dog.

Volunteers Rescue Group

Won’t you please consider helping us at STAR?

We certainly would appreciate any help that you can offer!