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If you are an Aussie owner, and you need to turn your dog into rescue, please complete the Owner Release form including a full body picture and submit it on our website. 

If you are interested in one of our dogs for adoption, please read our adoption guidelines (click here).  After reviewing our adoption program, a link to the Application to Adopt form is at the bottom.

Thank you for your consideration.


    South Texas Aussie Rescue is a small, not-for-profit rescue organization for standard Australian Shepherds. We do not take mixed breeds or miniature/toy Aussies. We will not be able to accept an Aussie with a bite history or aggression issues as we place all of our STAR dogs in private family homes while we care for their needs and assess them for the perfect adoption environment.

    If you are seeking our assistance to take in your Aussie, please complete the Owner Release form to be considered – the link is under “Need Help” option at the top of the page.