How You Can Help

South Texas Aussie Rescue (STAR) has been in existence for nearly 20 years.

We are fortunate to have the basic supplies as crates, towels, bedding, etc. so we are not like a regular shelter who is in constant need of these supplies.

However, we do need people who can help with transports, especially during the day and during regular business hours. We need people who can take a dog to the vet in the AM for a spay or for heartworm treatment, and then someone who can pick the dog up in the evening between 5:00 P.M. and 6:00 P.M. most often, to return the dog to the foster home.

We always need transport help!!!!

We often take dogs from shelters that are not close to the foster home who is going to receive the dog. If someone is willing to drive a couple of hours to meet a transport from Dallas, Austin, or Louisiana, that is a huge help and allows the foster homes to be at home with their family or get some errands done.

If you are a groomer, or someone who is just experience with long-haired, double coated dogs that can help with grooming when the dogs first come in, or as they exit the program, this is also helpful.

We can use people with training to help with basic obedience of these dogs. We only endorse positive training methods, so clicker, bridge and target types of training methods would greatly enhance some of the dogs’ adoptability.


We are also in need of help from people with computer skills and amateur photographers.

Basic computer skills with Microsoft Office are what would be required and if you have a scanner that would be helpful too. For those who enjoy picture taking, we always need good pix of our adoptable Aussies for our web page! If you would like to spend a small amount of time getting that great photo of a dog who needs a home, that photo will help that Aussie to be adopted faster!

If you think you can help in one or more of the above areas, please fill out a volunteer form and let us know of your availability.

We do request that transports of our dogs be in a secured method in your vehicle please.

Computer Skills and Amateur Photographer