Reese, STAR # 1327


Reese, STAR # 1327

Adopted Reese, STAR # 1327

Very excited to announce that Reese was adopted by the Clark family from the Woodlands. Reese couldn’t help but show how sweet she was (after her 2 minutes of barking at strangers expired) and had them all wrapped around her fingers. Many thanks to Carey for evaluating and fostering Reese.

Available Dog Reese, STAR # 1327
Reese is a dog that was rehomed when the family had a baby. She is approximately 1.5 years old and weighs about 45 lbs. She is a happy girl but like most of our dogs will need a person and some individual training. Below is a note was written by Reese transcribed by her foster mom.

“Hi, my name is Reese! Sometimes my foster mom calls me Reesey Piecey or Ree Ree which I like too.

I’ve been with my foster family for a few weeks now. First mom took me to the vet so that I wouldn’t have babies. I think that’s a GOOD thing since babies are SO much work. See, I came to STAR because my mom had one of those baby things. She also had a young human like her that I loved and shared a bed with. But that crazy little baby thing kept going places it shouldn’t, so I was trying to herd it back to where I wanted it to be. My mom got scared for some reason and so here I am. My small human was very sad to see me go and I do miss her lots.

I’m just discovering how much fun siblings are. I do love my sisters. They are so much fun! The red one likes to play bitey face and lets me chase her in the backyard. Well, we play chase when there are no balls and frisbees to fetch of course. I even got to meet some other proper four leggers recently. I loved the excitable hyper boy and we had a great time running around together. I really wanted to play with the chihuahua but she yelled at me so I left her alone.

My foster mom tells me I need to learn how to self-entertain sometimes. It’s really BORING but she does give me puzzles sometimes, which I figure out in seconds. I also have lots of chewies and toys to carry around which is always fun. I like having a big variety!

My foster mom does like it quiet while she does “work” (that sounds like an awful word). I’ve learned she’s really happy that we all take a nap after breakfast and potty time. Speaking of potty time, I’m learning to ring a bell at the door when I need to go. I am learning to sit and wait which is really hard but I’m getting good at it! Sometimes I just want to go play, but my mom says “Potty before Party!” so I make myself go. Then my foster mom throws the frisbee, or tennis balls, Chuck-it toys or my giant Jolly Ball which are my most favorite things ever.

Since I love my people so much I don’t like it when they go to bed and leave me kenneled downstairs. I yell as loud as I can but no one comes to get me until morning. How rude! Foster mom tells me it’s a good idea for me to learn the kennel is a comfy spot and a good place to relax, but I really don’t like being confined all that much. Foster mom also tells me it’s a good thing I’m not in an apartment because I talk too much. Well, I DO have a lot to say, but believe me you need to hear it all! Men and new people especially! I mean, I like meeting people and making new friends, ESPECIALLY when they give me delicious morsels, but you better believe I’ll tell them I DON’T KNOW YOU while I run up to ‘em!

So anyway, my foster mom said it’s time to find me a forever home. I really like it here and have been having such fun, but I know it’s just temporary. Will you fill out an application just for me?

Lots of kisses!


Her foster home is in Austin.

New Dog Reese, STAR # 1327
Eighteen months old and 43 lbs. Owner surrender for harassing the “live-in livestock” (i.e baby) Reese is a sweet fun little dog that needs manners and training. She will be vetted and fostered in Austin.

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