Shiner Bock, STAR # 1505


Shiner Bock, STAR # 1505

AVAILABLE DOG.. Shiner Bock, STAR # 1506

UPDATE.. Shiner has been returned.. He is the same sweet boy he has always been but now we know that he will not do well on an “urban farm”.. No pigs or cats..

Shiner’s owner passed away and STAR has been asked to find him a new home.. He is a big boy at 65 lbs. and just turned 8 years old.. His foster mom has some observations..

12 Facts About Shiner Bach

1. Shiner prefers to be with you at all times.  He isn’t just a velcro dog… he is like duct tape. He wants to make sure the bond never is broken.

2. Shiner and blinds don’t mix. One of his non-negotiable demands is to have one window in the front of the house with at least 6 inches of window available so he can patiently await your return when you leave. He prefers having one window on each floor available to look out so he doesn’t miss anything.

3. Baby gates don’t stop him as he has he will do anything to climb over them or knock them down. Since he eight years old, he doesn’t want to be treated like a baby.

4. Shiner will try anything to get out to door and go for a run. We think he is laughing on the inside knowing we are running throughout the neighbor yelling for a beer. Easy fix is to start (and possibly end) the day with a walk and his needs are met. He is a great walker while on a leash and gets many compliments on just how well behaved he is.

5. He doesn’t do anything gracefully. Throwing himself over gates, standing between your legs, attempting to catch a ball or treat… he is a big handsome doofus.

6. Shiner loves people. Easiest way to stop him from running throughout the neighborhood is to have a stranger come out of their house and Shiner will go and say hi and expect belly rubs.

7. Vacuums are the enemy and he will attempt to eat it when on. We think he is just mad that he missed the few Cheerios under the table and the vacuum ate it instead of him.

8. We have stepped up our training with Shiner Bach. He now does the dishes without us having to ask him to do his chores.. i.e. he has been known to countersurf.

9. Spray bottles freak him out. He runs and hides when he sees the medication we spray on his legs. We have learned we have to go into ninja mood and surprise him to be able to apply it.

10. He only lifted his leg and peed once in our house but that was the day after he got neutered and that was his way of telling us he didn’t like what we did to him.

11. If you are talking loud, yelling or singing Shiner assumes you want him to join along. It makes it really hard to continue scolding your teenager when he is barking back at you making you laugh. He talks like Chewbacca when he is happy.

12. Shiner is full of love and joy and he was loved more than you can imagine by his previous owner. He is the most happiest dog ever and it is awesome to have a foster that was treated the way we all treat our dogs.

Shiner’s foster home is in Schertz.. He is fully vetted and super healthy.. If you are interested in meeting him, please fill out the application on our website.. or if you already have one contact us on the website or this page.







NEW DOG.. Shiner Bock, STAR # 1505

Shiner is approx. 60 lbs. and 8 years old.. His owner just passed away and he will be needing a new home.. He LOVES to play ball.. After evaluation, he should be ready for adoption the middle of October.. His foster home is in Schertz..

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