Jax Red, STAR # 1791


Jax Red, STAR # 1791

“Jax is a handsome, affectionate, smart and energetic boy that came to STAR as an owner release as they didn’t have the time for him, and he would dig out of the back yard. Jax is a big, strong boy, around 46lbs and 3.5 years old.  He’s a Red Tri Male, and has a full tail.

There’s so much good stuff about Jax:


Sleeps quietly in his crate all night…Yes!

Follows you all around and lays on any blanket or rug wherever you are at…Yes!

Potty trained…Yes!

Neutered, vaccinated and microchipped…Yes!

Would let you pet him all day long…Yes!!!

He loves the human and loves anything that moves (deer, butterflies, deer, birds, & deer, OH MY!).

Jax loves everyone he meets but takes a bit of time to settle with another dog – slow introductions are key.  He can be very reactive to other dogs that come into his space.  He hangs out with the foster home’s pack now (one male and one female), and other canine visitors who come for a brief stay.

He will definitely need a solid wood fence to run around in, and professional training on the leash. If you are looking for a loyal, best friend to hang out with each day, fill out an application for Jax and let’s chat about the Aussie boy we have come to adore so much!”

Basically, Jax is a good boy that his foster home loves.. After initial meetings he has settled in well.. He is strong and needs leash training..Also he has learned in a previous home, that if left in the yard, he can dig out.. so secure fencing and supervision is a must at first.. If you are interested in meeting Jax Red, please go to our website, read about Adoption and submit an application.. His foster home is in New Braunfels..This is a really nice dog..











Jax Red is a handsome big boy weighing 46 lbs – and when he sees something that interests him, you best “hang on!”.  He has a high prey-drive and is very reactive to other dogs.  He is 3.5 years old.  He is being vetted and evaluated by his foster home in New Braunfels.  He may be available for adoption early January.

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