Lexie, STAR #1477


Lexie, STAR #1477

Lexi is a talkative girl and is ready to introduce herself to potential STAR families: She is
42 lbs. of blue merle girl and will be two in November..In addition she is fully vetted and microchipped.
“HI EVERYBODY. Wait, do I know you? You look weird to me? BARK BARK BA…oh is that a treat? OH IT IS. Well why didn’t you say so? I love new friends!

My name is Lexie and I guarantee you I’m a lot of fun and ready to go all the time! I’m basically an overgrown puppy, so my foster mom still has to remind me not to use my teeth when I get excited (whoops! But she’s so slow!). I’m showing her though. I sit nicely for treats, at the door (although waiting is soooo boring) and I know she likes when I sit before meals too. I am getting really really good at waiting when I’m told to.

I can bounce like a gazelle! I only use that when playing and running though. I do like to check out countertops but I try to be a good girl, because I know I’ll get some tasty treats if I behave myself! Foster mom has been teaching me some basic training things, like Sit and Down and Off. She taught me that I get yummy things when I do it right, and lots of belly rubs too.

I have lots of furry siblings where I am now and love to play, wrestle, chase and run. In return, they taught me about eating my fruits and veggies and keeping the kitchen floor clean! If I try to clean up things that I shouldn’t (like a pair of shoes) foster mom reminds with an “EH!” Oops! Sorry mom! My foster siblings also teach me that outside is the best – not only is there a soft spot to potty, I get to run and play too!

I love to cuddle up with my people when we’re all relaxing. I give lots of kisses (if you like that sort of thing) and can either curl up next to you, or if your prefer, right on your lap. I’d really love to curl up in my foster parents’ bed, but they say they’re “equal treatment” so no one sleeps in their bed but them. I tried the first couple of nights but foster mom woke up and said no. I’ll still nap on the bed if I have a chance.

My foster parents tell me I’m so cute and so much fun and they’re worried they might not let me go if I stay much longer. As much as I love them, their house has 5(!!) other puppers and I’m not that interested in sharing their attention. Would you be able to offer me what I want?”

Lexi’s foster home is in Austin.. If you are interested in meeting her, please fill out the application on our website or Contact us if you already have one.








New Dog, Lexie, STAR #1477
Lexie is a blue merle female. 38 lbs. and 1.5 years old. She is an owner release from Mississippi. Her foster home will be in Austin. She will be evaluated and available around the end of June.

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