Boo II, STAR # 1520


Boo II, STAR # 1520

Boo is 40 lbs. and will be a year old on Jan. 13… He is neutered, vaccinated and chipped. He has come a long way to be part of the STAR family. and he comes with stockdog paperwork..
Mr. Personality can be leery of strangers at first but the desire for attention and curiousity will overcome. He is house-trained, crate trained and is now learning some verbal commands.. how to sit and stay.
He gets excited when I get the leash out to go somewhere, but still working on walking on it. He loves to ride in the car… loads up on command doesn’t try to climb in the front seat with you. He is affectionate, loves to cuddle in bed and craves ice as a treat.
He was super velcro the first week I had him but now goes into other rooms to lay down or play with my dog. He will lie down and play with toys etc. by himself but he must have at least 6-7 toys by him as his attention span is still short. We are working on bring the ball back .. much better inside than outside.. He has not destroyed anything (shoes, furniture), except for stuffed dog toys.
He does a curved-body, walking wiggle butt when he’s excited or happy. He is very much a companion dog who is always attuned to where you are and what you are doing. He is an excellent watchdog, especially with all the package delivery persons lately. He likes getting groomed but still not wild about having his nails or feet trimmed.
He truly is a blank canvas, having gotten thru all the puppy trials and tribulations.. With the right training, could possibly be a great working dog for someone or maybe agility trials, given how quick and agile he is. He just needs a forever home and family.

If you are interested in Boo, please go to our website, read about adoption and submit
an application.. His foster home is in the Houston Heights..











Nine month old black bi male, 40 lbs., Boo has ASCA paperwork.. He will be vetted and evaluated in the Houston Heights.. He should be available around the middle of December..

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