Beau, STAR #1472

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Beau, STAR #1472

NEW DOG. Beau, STAR #1472

Meet Beau, he is approx. 7 years old, weighs 56 lbs. and has the most unusual merle markings that really make him unique. Do not let the gray hair you see make you think he’s older, as pictures do not do him justice. He is very friendly with all people and most dogs, but not with cats or squirrels.

Beau & his foster sister Bella got along fine, but because of his HW treatment they weren’t allowed to play rough. He is house trained and walks okay on the leash. He will need a leash until he gets more training.. He has been known to go “walk-about” if given the chance. He is crate trained and doesn’t whine or bark if left. Loads up and likes to ride in the car.

Beau’s biggest life change is he has gone from being a full time outside dog to an inside dog. Inside he loves the A/C and has quickly found the perfect spot to lay by the return air grill. Being inside by me most of the time he now gets lots of love and ear scratches. He crosses his front legs at times and and sometimes also crosses his back legs. He likes his ice in large crushed pieces; not cubed. Beau doesn’t care for the thunder and lightening, but is not terrified. He’s shown some interest in the chew toys & the ball; so he’s ready to play. After having lived the good life with my foster parents, all all he wants now is a new forever home.

If you are looking for a companion that will go for walks and come home and settle in with you, Beau’s your dog. Please fill out an application on our website or if you already
have one, Contact Us. Beau’s foster home is in the Houston Heights.

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